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The first-class image of the traditional brand JAGUAR is based on three pillars: convincing performance, elegant beauty and pioneering innovation. In line with these values, JAGUAR has been developing exciting and powerful cars for decades. The focus is not only on numbers and technical details, but above all on emotions and passion 

The brand’s eyewear collection also reflects this unique JAGUAR feeling. Through cooperative partnership, exciting design, material and technology transfers between the cars and the glasses are achieved. This uniqueness and the wide variety of the men’s collection, structured in several lines, make it one of the most successful on the eyewear market. The extensive range of sizes and the different segments make the high-quality models accessible to everyone. 

JAGUAR Classic stands for cultivated minimalism and natural elegance. This segment serves the man who stands solidly in life and knows exactly what he wants. The clean look is enhanced by subtle details such as finely crafted metal decorations. The structure of the radiator grille has been adopted for special accents in the hanger. In this way, a subtle connection to the car can be established. Just like the JAGUAR car, the Classic frames are stylish, timeless and benefit from the best craftsmanship. 

Mod. 033103 

The sunglasses of this line fit into this design language and are also smart all-rounders. The synthetic and metal models are a safe and reliable choice and also show a sportive side. 

JAGUAR Spirit embodies another side of the cult brand. Fun, joy and dynamism are in the spotlight here. In the Spirit line this is reflected with an energetic colour spectrum with typical sports car colours such as orange, red or light green. To ensure that the glasses also have a high-quality and elegant look with these strong shades and are easy to wear, the accents are on the inside, in and around the lenses and in the details. Sporty lenses are therefore subtly decorated with coloured borders. A colourfully accentuated swing in the bracket represents the typical shape of JAGUAR headlamps. 

Mod. 033603 

The sunglasses also take up the theme of dynamics. The somewhat reduced nuances are also based on the colouring of the cars. Colour highlights are picked up in the form of an imitation of the ceramic brake. In some cases, spots of color are also implemented at the ends of the hangers. This gives the sunglasses a fresh and sunny style. A fashionable upper temple also emphasizes the sporty side of the models. With Spirit FUN, the segment has also been expanded to include fashion models with a bolder, cooler look. The simple upper bridge is a trendy element, and these frames also play most with reflections. The flat lenses with as few bulges as possible are also responsible for a new look. 

JAGUAR Heritage is based on the company’s decades of history. These models are to be understood as a homage to the 80s and the popular oldtimers of JAGUAR. The vintage inspiration is processed in metal frames, round glasses and the Pantor disc. The colour language in this segment is muted, metal tones and light marbling dominate the frames. The reference to JAGUAR cars goes beyond design here: a transfer of materials takes place. Aluminium is often used for the bodies of high-quality cars. Thus, in the correction models, valuable aluminium elements are processed together with a very fine real wood foil. This not only provides a visual eye-catcher, but also creates a feeling of luxury and a touch of uniqueness. 

The JAGUAR Performance segment puts comfort first. Lightness and an ideal fit are the top priorities of these models. For this purpose, ultra-thin materials such as lightweight, high-quality Ultem plastics are used or metal frames are designed in a combination look. The popular retro touch is visible in a few splashes of colour and a double bridge with rather round lenses. In addition, the rivet look is once again highly up-to-date. This trend has not only been taken up, but has also been used functionally to reduce weight and minimise dimensions. The technology is transferred from the riveted car bodies of oldtimers and is thus not only used as an optical decorative element. The pressed-through metal pin makes it possible to save thickness in the spectacle cheek piece and thus make the models even narrower and hardly noticeable when worn. In this segment, the typical Jaguar head is also incorporated as a signature in the end of the temple. The ultimate comfort is only possible through a unique combination of expertise, experience and engineering. 

Mod. 036811 

The sunglass frames also pursue the goal of maximum lightness. With ultimate fabrics, minimised dimensions, modern technology and a retro-inspired lens language, they fit perfectly 

into the collection. The Performance line combines classic style with advanced technology and innovative materials. 

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